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I will never tire of waking early in the morning, packing up the car and driving off to make up a Bride for their special day. The romance, excitement and adrenaline of a wedding morning is a feeling I can't quite describe but one that I am honoured to be given the opportunity to feel so frequently, as part of my Brides' wedding days. Every wedding journey is simply magical and I am utterly committed to ensuring my role contributes to the very best day of your life.

Understanding each and every Brides' unique vision for their day is paramount to defining a successful makeup look, consequently, I work with brides from the very beginning. I am always eager to see details and work continuously with each Bride to ensure their makeup compliments every other aspect of their day.

Beginning with a makeup trial 6-12 weeks before your wedding day; here we will discuss your preferences, other details of your look for the day such as your hair and your dress and my recommendations for your makeup. Many Brides also choose to show me examples of what they like and I love collaborating with these ideas!

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